20 New Positive Club eBooks

20 New Positive Club eBooks

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Contents of the CD

1. A practical seminar on Self Image
In MP3, listen to Christian Godefroy unveil the secrets of the image you carry within you and which determines your life.
2. How to look 10 years younger in 10 weeks
A proven medical program. To regain tone and vitality, feel new blood flow through your veins.

3. Method of developing supernormal faculties
Eugène Caslant discovered this method almost by chance, and he shows how you too can develop your intuition and your hidden powers.

4. How to reach your goals - even if you have problems
Carlos Devis, genius motivator and master psychologist, reveals how to get out of any problem by tapping into your personal resources.

5. How to develop your personal influence
The power of will over yourself, over others and over your destiny. A practical guide which alone is worth the price of this CDrom.

6. How to stimulate your brain
Of course, there are the drugs. But their disastrous effects, described here, will make you prefer one of the natural alternatives revealed by Professor Robert Tocquet.

7. How to find someone to love
The famous book that has caused so much ink to flow... and which has allowed so many men to get to know women better.

And there's more...

8. Cultivate your inner garden Definitely the most popular book at the Club. His mental tools will open bright paths to well-being and happiness.
9. Letters That Earn Millions Robert Collier, master copywriter, gives you the texts of letters that have each earned their sender several millions. You can adapt them to your liking.
10. The Magnetizing Student's Manual Problems of health, protection, energy... Magnetism makes it possible to heal others, to heal oneself and to blossom personally. A great classic.
11. How to rejuvenate your brain with natural tonics Whether it's taking an exam, going through a stressful period or intense work, natural tonics will help you to always be at your best.
12. The art of massage that heals Massage brings people together, creates extraordinary intimate bonds and can heal. Here are all the secrets.
13. Personal Magnetism Having a magnetic personality helps in all circumstances of life. Personal or professional success is the key that opens all doors.

And even...

And that's just the beginning: to thank you for your support, I'm giving you as an additional gift Les secrets des eBooks , a manual of more than 418 pages worth 45 euros.