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Mental Dynamics

Mental Dynamics

de Christian H. Godfrey

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Would you like to have this power?

– the power to transform your life
– the power to transform your personality
– the power to transform your desires into realities
– the power to unleash the “giant within you”
– the power to change the beliefs that limit you
– the power to be happy
– the power to improve your health
– the power to instantly transform your bad mood into cheerfulness
– the power to live in harmony with those you love

In fact, this power, you already have it within you. But you do not yet know how to free it completely and use it at will. And a dangerous hypnotist, consisting of negative thoughts and bad spells that you have cast on yourself, paralyzes your higher powers.

La Dynamique Mentale is the first book by Christian Godefroy, first published in 1976.

Christian Godefroy introduced in France a method inspired by sophrology and autogenic training of Schultz, which allows those who wish to develop their faculties and improve their lives in a positive way to access the alpha rhythm. This state of consciousness and relaxation conducive to suggestion, to self-suggestion also frees up intuition and creativity.

Discover or rediscover all the work and studies that allowed him to arrive at the creation of the Alpha seminars:

– sophrology
– auto-suggestion
– hypnotism
– Schultz autogenic training
– Psycho cybernetics

and discover yourself how to develop your potential by releasing the 90% of your brain that you do not exploit.

Read by tens of thousands of people, this book has also given rise to the Mental Dynamics Seminar where methods of relaxation and access to higher levels of consciousness are acquired.

This book is now available as an audiobook in the form of mp3 files . In addition to reading the book, you can listen to it at home, during your car journeys or on public transport.

What you will receive

You can download:

  • 14 mp3 audio files to listen to on your player, your smartphone or to burn on Audio CD
  • Mental Dynamics in PDF version
  • Mental Dynamics in ePub version for Kobo or iBooks
  • Mental Dynamics in Mobi version for Kindle
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