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Get out of debt and simplify your life - ebook

Get out of debt and simplify your life - ebook


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Live better with your money

Is your account in the Red?
Have you used all possible Credits?
Do you feel like you're sinking every day?

You evolve in a world where consumption is an integral part of our society. You see the consequences of these excesses every day, in your friends, your family, and in your own bank account.

If you are reading these lines today, it is for a very specific reason: you or someone close to you is going through a difficult and unenviable situation of debt.

Whatever the degree of this indebtedness: there is never a hopeless situation. You have the means to get out of what seems to you, most often, an infernal spiral and lead your life differently.

A few years ago, the author was in a situation similar to yours. His income was quite comfortable, and yet he found himself “trapped” by an accumulation of more or less significant debts, without managing to keep his head above water.

It's simple, he was drowning... and yet he got away with it.

There is no question in this work of transforming you into an ascetic and refusing all the pleasures of our modern society.

Nor will there be any question of driving the point home of guilt, the one you surely feel when you find yourself confronted with this kind of situation. You are neither weak nor incompetent. You simply followed the road that was traced for you, naturally, without realizing that without questioning, that this road could lead you straight to personal bankruptcy.

No matter how indebted you are, you are capable of getting out of it. This book was written to help you, and to give you the keys that will allow you to open the gates of your prison.

You are the sole master of your life, do not doubt it! Debt is an insidious spiral that tends to deprive its victims of all self-esteem. You will get out of it, and take back the reins. It won't even require extraordinary effort! Simply a questioning of what you took for granted...

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