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How to Create Covers That Sell - ebook

How to Create Covers That Sell - ebook

de Allan Corey

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There's a topic that many freelance writers overlook… And yet it's vitally important to you. It's something we tend to overlook, but the success (or failure!) of your ebook largely depends on it.

Have you guessed what it is?

… Coverage, of course!

The cover of an ebook, although it sounds amazing, is just as important as that of a physical book. It's what sets YOUR book apart from all the others, and what makes people choose it at first glance.

It also determines the first impression left by your book. As for the choice of a title, it is an essential hook, and you only have one small second to conquer your future reader!

Keep this in mind: your ebook can be a real masterpiece , if its cover is not attractive you will be a "flop" for sure!

If you go to a bookstore, would you buy a bare book, no cover, just stapled? Never !

When browsing the internet, what catches your eye first? Images !

Yes, even for products that are not "palpable", the pleasure of the eyes at first sight is always the key to success.

You will learn:

  • How to successfully capture the attention of your future readers in a second
  • To have a lynx eye to find THE cover that will make your ebook a bestseller
  • The best techniques to create a beautiful blanket yourself
  • How to Craft the Graphics That Will Boost Your Ebook Sales Again and Again
  • The 12 questions to ask yourself when developing your coverage, to be absolutely sure to “hit the bullseye”!

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