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How to Create Your Own Mail Order Business - ebook

How to Create Your Own Mail Order Business - ebook

de Christian H. Godfrey

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(Every morning hundreds of money orders and checks in your mailbox)

Build your own mail-order business

Many entrepreneurs who started from nothing have reached the pinnacle of success thanks to this means.

From A to Z, Christian Godefroy reveals all the secrets to you in: How to create your own mail-order business»

By choosing this niche, you will find yourself in a sector that is growing every year by more than 10%, against all odds.

You can start at home, almost without investment, with little time, even if you know nothing about the industry.

Christian Godefroy's book tells you everything you need:
- Which product to choose
- Where to find it
- How to create your business
- How to organize yourself
- The secrets of tests and statistics
- How to advertise big money
- Where to find client files
- How to work with your printer
- The secrets of selling by mail
- How to satisfy your clientele and develop it
- And all the techniques, methods, "tricks" needed to get started.

Act now! Follow the example of the hundreds of entrepreneurs who started from scratch and who have now made a fortune thanks to mail order Most places are still up for grabs!

In this book you will find information not found anywhere else:

1. A test: "what are your chances of success in mail order?"
2. The 10 secrets to writing a copy that sells.
3. 128 ideas for products to sell by mail order.
4. A simple method to predict your returns and ensure your profits.
5. A tax-friendly "trick".
6. 3 secrets to increase the performance of your ads.

This book published in 1986 remains topical. Replace mail order with internet sales, letters by email and you'll have a method that hasn't aged a bit to develop your business and create value and wealth.

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