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How to Write Bestselling Novels - Paperback

How to Write Bestselling Novels - Paperback


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To write a good novel, talent is not enough. Technology is not enough either. The methodology is a tool. Combine the three and you will achieve success, you will write books that present and future generations will read with pleasure.

Method, Structure, Creativity are the three pillars of the Godefroy Method.

In the Godefroy Method, the most complete method in French for learning to write a novel, you will concretely learn how to choose the right ideas, organize them, use the essential techniques and structure your novels to develop your own mastery of the art of narrative writing.

The greatest musicians spend hours at the conservatory, painters at the Beaux-Arts, cooks go around the great tables. Why should it be any different for writing novels? Writing bestselling novels is something you learn, and you don't become the reference in thrillers, fantasy or romance without having learned the rules to be able to bend and twist them.

More than just another book on writing, the Godefroy Method is a practical method that takes you by the hand and follows you on your journey of initiation to act as a mentor, structuring your work, your progress and your change. Even before writing the first line, you will have the foundations to write novels that will appeal to your readers, telling stories that will cross generations.

What you will find in the method:

  • where do the ideas come from?
  • how to find ideas for bestselling novels?
  • how to write a high concept that sells your novel and creates your literary tatami?
  • how to get organized to finish writing your novel?
  • how to structure your novel to write good stories?
  • how to choose and work on your characters?
  • how to improve your style?
  • how to sell your book to publishers?
  • how do you really make a living as an author?
  • how does the technique help you to provoke emotions in your readers?
  • what are the essential steps in writing a novel?
  • what are the basic functions of your characters?
  • how to choose the right places, and on what criteria, for your novel?
  • how to become a gender specialist?
  • how to bring life to your protagonist?
  • how to polish and improve your novel?

Filled with practical exercises that will allow you to get into the preparation and writing of your novel, the Godefroy Method is the substance of years of learning and experience in writing screenplays, genre novels, learning and practicing the theory of writing popular narrative fiction.

It is the summary of the training in 54 videos with coaching, live webinars, analyzes of works of fiction and literary works that has transformed the lives of those who have applied it.

This book is available in digital, audiobook or paper version. You can order it in all bookstores with the ISBN code 979-10-227-9677-4.

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