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How to write a romance - ebook

How to write a romance - ebook

de F. Dennisson

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The structure and the secrets to delight your readers

Romance is a major genre of romantic fiction and probably the favorite genre of readers. Knowing how to write a romance book is therefore a major asset for your career as an author.

Writing a romance is both similar and different from other genres. Similar because there is a triggering incident, dramatic arcs, an apotheosis… Different because the structure of a romance is really particular, unique like the love story it tells.

In this essential book for people who want to write a novel and particularly a romance, F. Dennisson provides you with all the leads and all the essential steps to write a good romance, while being original, inventive and looking for the best. Illustrated with numerous examples spun so that its reading is concrete, this book is aimed at all types of authors.

Whether you are an architect or a gardener, good preparation and good proofreading and rewriting sessions will allow you to get the best out of your work to please your readers. Whether you're writing after you've established a plan, structure, and detailed character sheets, or rereading to make sure you've written a romance that will resonate with its readership, you'll know how to benefit from this dense book.

Author and editor, F. Dennisson has written several synopses for publishing houses and romances, under a pseudonym.

Maddie D., who prefaces this book, is the author of numerous romances, both self-published and published.

You will receive the ePub for eReader and Mobi for Kindle versions of this book. No PDF version

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