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How to make a living writing - ebook

How to make a living writing - ebook

de Joanna Penn

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Would you like to make a living by writing?
This book will tell you how to do it.

Joanna Penn spent 13 years in an open space in the corporate world. Unhappy in her job and with a creativity crushed by daily tasks.

Then she started writing books and blogging, using her words to create products and attract readers. In September 2011, she left her salaried activity to become a full-time author and has since grown her activity year after year. Basing everything on his writings. Above all, she is finally living the happy and creative life she has always wanted.

She's not a Kindle or internet millionaire and this book is not a get-rich-quick pill. But she shares with you how she earns £100,000 a year writing books, blog posts and marketing the ethical way.

We live in the best time to earn a living with our writings! Read this book to learn more.

This book contains

Introduction and Fundamentals
I. How to make money from books Your publishing options and how the industry has changed
1. Your publishing options and how the industry has changed
2. Your book is tangible intellectual property
3. Traditional publishing
4. Self-publish or become an independent author
5. Write more books
6. Write books people want to buy
7. Publish in a variety of formats
8. Publish globally
9. Sell directly to your audience
10. Sell your books
II. How to make money from your writing in other ways
1. Your Author Ecosystem
2. Affiliate income
3. Crowdfunding, sponsorship and subscriptions
4. Professional Conferences, Teaching, Performances and Live Events
5. Online courses, webinars, events and sites with subscriptions
6. Advertising and sponsorship
7. Physical products and derivatives
8. Freelance and anonymous writing
9. Counseling or individualized support services
10. Services for authors
11. Other ways to make money from your writing
The transition to earning a living with your writing

This is the third edition of this book, with the most recent updates.

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