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How to Publish Your First Kindle eBook: The Essential Steps - Mistakes to Avoid - ebook

How to Publish Your First Kindle eBook: The Essential Steps - Mistakes to Avoid - ebook


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This ebook takes the basics of publishing an ebook on Kindle and shows you how to prepare to publish an ebook on Kindle. Whether you are a published author, an unpublished author or an aspiring publisher, it shows you the first simple steps to valuing your work and avoiding the most common mistakes.

From creating your Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing account, to publishing message, to first sales, this book teaches you the essentials of Kindle publishing and digital self-publishing, and shows you how important it is. is easy, simple and interesting, as long as you follow a few clear steps step by step.

It also introduces you to the most common mistakes and the most important but easily avoidable dangers that authors make when publishing their first ebook on Kindle. The ones that could make all your efforts useless.

    • how not to shoot yourself in the foot and have very few sales
    • why the Kindle is for you a platform of the future that allows you to live from publishing
    • the essential tool that you must download from the KDP to validate your book
    • what information you need to give to Amazon to publish your first book on Kindle and how to prepare it,
    • at what price you should sell your ebook and how to maximize your earnings.

Much of the information contained is available on the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing support site or can be discovered through experience. But many are those who do not find them or find them too late . They are presented here in a synthetic and didactic way. Follow them and you won't miss your first self-publication.

Readers' opinion

  • “I just read the book for the first time. It takes up the essential points of the course and popularizes them in simple and clear terms. I congratulate you.” (Michel)
  • “The book is concise, clear and precise. It is easy to read and I was not lost at all. You perfectly guide the reader in the evolution of the process of putting a book online on KDP.”(Hélène)

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