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How to heal yourself easily with reflexology - paper

How to heal yourself easily with reflexology - paper

de David Célestin

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For all your little everyday ailments, but also more serious pains and imbalances, reflexology can quickly, safely, and permanently relieve fatigue, back pain, migraines.
However, the principle is quite simple: it is enough to press on specific parts and zones under the feet to help the other parts of your body to find their balance and their health.

This book sets out in depth the knowledge relating to the theory and practice of reflexology and acupressure. Aimed at both beginners and practitioners, it reveals:

  • What can happen during a reflexology session… it may surprise you!
  • How to find sensitive points or develop the sensitivity of sleeping points.
  • What benefits you can get from reflexology (there are probably more than you think)
  • The common condition that reflexology helps to cure (until you no longer need medication)
  • Ways to have better reflexology sessions…and when to stop!
  • The best ways to start a reflexology session
  • The ultimate goal of reflexology
  • What techniques to favor with children, pregnant women or older people
  • How to practice self-massage and free your feet

Find in this simple and easy to apply guide the gestures and knowledge to practice this therapy without danger and find today the form and the balance in your body.

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