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How to Use Storytelling to Sell - paper

How to Use Storytelling to Sell - paper

de Christian H. Godfrey

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The secret techniques of storytellers to communicate, make their brand known and trigger sales

On a beautiful spring afternoon 25 years ago, 2 young men graduated from the same college. They looked a lot alike, these 2 students. They were both among the best in their class, they were quite attractive and, like most young graduates, their heads were filled with ambition and dreams for the future.

Recently, these 2 men returned to their school for the 25th anniversary of their promotion.

They are always very similar. Both have found a charming wife. They both have 3 children. Incredibly, they made careers at the same large Midwestern corporation they joined right after college. They always give satisfaction to their employer.

There is still a difference between the 2. One is the manager of a small department of this company. While the other is the CEO.

How to explain this difference?

The CEO read and applied the lessons of Christian Godefroy in “How to Use Storytelling to Sell and Promote Products, Services, Brands and Identities”

This unpublished book is finally available and reveals the secrets of one of the best French copywriters of the last 30 years, secrets that allowed him to sell millions of euros in products and become a millionaire.

This book reveals to you above all:

- Why does storytelling work?
- How to prevent your message from being distorted
- The bloggers' secret weapon to increase their traffic and sales
- How to improve your storytelling thanks to your customers
- The different forms of storytelling and where to draw inspiration
- The biggest mistake you can make in marketing

You can use Storytelling with sales letters, sales pages, emails, but also images, videos. In the press, by mail, on Facebook for your ads and your viral posts.

With storytelling you increase the effectiveness of your campaigns and your recruitments while increasing the recognition of your brand.

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