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Discovering and Realizing Your Purpose - ebook

Discovering and Realizing Your Purpose - ebook

de Alain Houel

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Alain Houel will open the doors of wisdom to you through the knowledge transmitted orally for centuries. It is also known as the “Treaty of Melquisedec”. This book is a thought on the meaning that life, happiness, self-knowledge can have. To illuminate your life path..

This book is a book of inspiration and wisdom that invites us to define our mission and build a vision in accordance with it. He proposes to us to carry out this mission in our current life while warning us against the obstacles which we will certainly have to face later.

"Discovering and Realizing your Purpose" can become your bedside book. It invites you very simply to look at your Interior and to find there all its richness.

This text is relevant, contains quality lessons and synthesizes those of many books. This is THE SECRET practically explained. it can accompany us throughout our lives.

Extract :

At any time you can say to yourself:
"What I do is in harmony with who I essentially am",
or on the contrary :
“I am forgetting who I am and wasting my personal genius”.

If, despite your best efforts, your wish list does not exceed seven, you may have let your dreams fall asleep, repeating that they are not reasonable.

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