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Destination Success - paper

Destination Success - paper

de Christian H. Godfrey

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This complete method of personal development is to be taken as a bedside book that will take you from where you are today to the highest steps of success, week after week.

You are worth 100 times more than you think

This method wants to teach you how to better use your "machine" successfully in all areas of life. It contains much more than advice or recommendations. It is a practical course that follows you throughout your days and will lead you in a short time to the heights of the art of living and success.
Far from a theoretical discourse on personal development, this method offers you a practical approach made up of lessons on the essential stages of self-development, which are adaptation, self-confidence, enthusiasm, relaxation or happiness.
At each lesson, a questionnaire and exercises allow you to apply what you have learned and progress as well.

1. Always feel up to it

You probably have, like all of us, “feelings of inferiority” on certain points: do you like your body? and your studies? your social rank? your income? Are there other things that bother you?
Thanks to "Destination Success", don't let yourself be impressed by those who represent authority and power: whatever their attempts to diminish you, always have a feeling of strength and security within you.
Get rid of your feelings of inferiority for good.

2. Develop an unshakable self-confidence

People who are self-confident get all the success: friendships, love, business, because they attract others by a kind of magnetism
Be the person who attracts, who puts you at ease, who gives confidence.

3. Put luck on your side

Do you believe in luck? And bad luck? When you see how the latter can go after someone, you have to believe it.

Luck exists. But there is a "trick". Everyone who is lucky applies it.
Unexpected sums of money... contact with people you need... happiness...
From "subjected" to the vagaries of life, you will become master of your destiny. With the destination... Success!

4. Materialize your most secret desires

You happen to have a project..., and have to put it off until later. Some of your dreams don't come true... and you "make up for it".

You can achieve your goals without getting discouraged. You can radiate an intense conviction that sweeps away all obstacles.
When you know the secret of the materialization of desires, it will be easy for you
to achieve it.

5. Have radiant energy

An unsuspected energy potential sleeps within you. Awaken it, and you will become the “leader” who motivates.
This energy will lengthen your life. It will protect you from disease. It will increase your personal magnetism tenfold.

This energy is cultivated with the help of a very simple exercise. You will feel the effects of this new magnetic influence on others.

6. Fully express your personality

One day, Pope Julius II was watching Michelangelo, one of the greatest sculptors of all time, struggling to strike a block of marble.
He asked her, “Why are you hitting so hard? »
Michelangelo replied
“Do you not see that there is an angel imprisoned in this block of marble? I'm working to free him. »
And in you? What does your personality conceal that can make you a great character: leader, great artist, what else do I know?
We must release this imprisoned angel. Bring forth those treasures of wealth that are in

And you will be happy. Because happiness is the reward of those who really express all that they have in them.

Our books are printed on demand, hence the production time which ensures optimal quality. This book is printed at the time of your order to reduce paper waste. Allow a few days for receipt.

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