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Encyclopedia of powerful and positive autosuggestions - ebook

Encyclopedia of powerful and positive autosuggestions - ebook


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With the encyclopedia of powerful and positive autosuggestions, use the power of words to modify your subconscious and control your habits and your destiny.

The Encyclopedia of Powerful and Positive Autosuggestions is a great way to sense where the seeds of failures, worries, health problems and difficult relationships with others are nestled within you. Those spells you cast on yourself.

You just have to read all these sentences little by little, while remaining attentive to yourself, and you will feel where your being is tense by refusing the sentence. As if you wanted to defend yourself against the sentence. She displeases you, bothers you without you knowing exactly why. Or she looks stupid to you. It's a sign. Continue to deepen this sentence until it gives you its secret.

Then you can use conscious auto-suggestion, self-hypnosis or NLP to anchor positive suggestions in you that will allow you to correct your problems or develop your potential.

You can cancel the power of negative spells by using the Encyclopedia of Powerful and Positive Autosuggestions, which has selected for you the best phrases to meet each of the limits that your subconscious has imposed on you.

You will receive the digital version of the Encyclopedia for download in Kindle, ePub and PDF formats (544 pages, not to be printed!).

You can find the paper version of this book here .

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