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How to judge others in the blink of an eye - paper

How to judge others in the blink of an eye - paper

de John Brown

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Discover the infallible signs that can unlock anyone's secret thoughts!

Have you ever wondered why you find it hard to trust someone? Where does your impression come from that, despite his promises, your boss will not give you the raise you asked for?

Why did you question the words of a relative when his story was completely plausible... And how did you guess that you liked this person who, however, does not dare to make advances to you? ?

Obviously, all these people must have told you more than they thought.

While talking to you, perhaps they simply raised their eyebrows exaggeratedly, or blinked their eyelids too frequently. Perhaps again, they unconsciously leaned their bust towards you a little more pronounced than usual...

As imperceptible as they are, these simple gestures will have been enough to alert you. Because NONE of our actions are FREE .

NONE of our attitudes or expressions are INNOCENT . All of them have a meaning, and allow you to very easily decode the speech of your interlocutors , to evaluate if they are sincere or concealing, shy or sure of themselves, dynamic or lymphatic...

Our character, we all display it... without our knowledge.

In fact, everything betrays us: our gestures, our gait, our voice, the way we dress, our handwriting, and a thousand other little things.

All of this is a reflection of our deepest being.

For an informed observer, infallible signs make it possible to analyze the personality and the particular traits of anyone.

And YOU, do you know these signs that give the power to discover in the blink of an eye, the character of your neighbor ?

This practical book will answer all your questions. You will go from discovery to discovery.

Over the pages, you will learn to know others better, to create and maintain harmonious relationships with those around you.

Even better, you will learn how to make the most of your abilities.

You will have in hand decisive assets to succeed in everything you do !

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