The Coué method - paper

The Coué method - paper

Self-mastery through conscious autosuggestion

Émile Coué

Positive Club
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The famous method of Emile Coué , father of positive suggestion and self-suggestion.

His method and his successes cured hundreds of people during his lifetime, and gave birth, among others, to:

  • positive thinking
  • Autosuggestion
  • self-motivation
  • Schultz autogenic training
  • Sophrology
  • Visualization
  • Suggestology
  • Mental Dynamics

Originally a pharmacist, Émile Coué discovered the placebo effect by suggesting rapid healing to customers to whom he sold drugs, then developed positive suggestion and self-suggestion.

Find out how to improve your daily life, heal some of your physical wounds and health concerns.

Improve your life by adopting the positive suggestion of Emile Coué.