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The Secrets of Ebooks - Ken Silver

The Secrets of Ebooks - Ken Silver


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Ken Silver Electronic Publishing Expert

“Thanks to my electronic books, I earned more than 21,000 dollars in one month. Here's how."

How to profitably create and sell your e-books?

It's possible by using free and almost free software, and by selling with an automatic system – Ken Silver, author of LES SECRETS DES EBOOKS, reveals the secrets of his success.

Dear Friend Reader,

Hello, it's me, Ken Silver. People keep asking me: “I would like to have a site that automatically sells books, ebooks. What's the secret ? “A month ago I was 5,000 km from home and I had no trouble managing my business from a distance. I am therefore well placed to know how to go about it.

This is the question that pops up most frequently on my freelance publishing forum.

The answer gives you access to the “holy grail” of the e-book business… Who else wants an autopilot system that lets you make money while staying poolside?

I give you this secret here in writing… Here is how I go about it. I sell my e-books via autoship, even while I'm golfing or traveling.

Discovering the secret of the automatic sale of ebooks...

You are now going to discover the detail of the automatic, easy methods, which allowed me to sell thousands of textbooks and collections of electronic books on the net. Some were worth up to NZ$180 each, and I got $1,900 in reprint rights on each of 40 of my e-books – never using search engines!

(In fact, if I didn't use motors, it was because I didn't really have time to get started or tinker with them! Since this is an industry that keeps changing, it I had to find other, more effective means).

Here I reveal my strategies, developed on the job, by errors and trials.

  • Why you should ignore most of the information aimed at increasing the number of visits to your site.
  • How to reduce the number of books returned to you to almost ZERO! 2 methods that cost you nothing and allow you substantial savings.
  • The secret weapon in your e-book selling arsenal: the key to immense credibility. Very few sellers know about it or use it. Nothing to do with the quality or the price of the product.
  • How to write advertisements so attractive on your site that your potential customers are irresistibly urged to place an order.
  • Accept payment by credit card. Some amazing facts. Refusing this service will make you lose how many customers? … 10%, 50%, more?
  • Include a list of your site's features and benefits on your home page: what the experts think. Which ones should be favored to obtain a high sales rate? I will explain to you the radical evolutions of the market on this point.
  • Where to find an electronic autoresponder which, although free, far exceeds all its competitors. How to set it up to almost fully automate your online book selling service.
  • How to find the perfect topic for your e-book: a promising topic for which YOU are best placed.
  • How to edit your ebook, ebook and supplement it to sell well internationally.
  • The crucial thing to know about designing a site… and that NO ONE knows - (I know this from the multitude of people who regularly post on the forum asking how to increase their number of visitors.)
  • How to get “instant” recommendations for your e-books…even if you haven't sold a single one yet.
  • What percentage of your book's content do you need to reveal to prospects to entice them? What is too much or too little?
  • What is the proper length of an online book. How does length determine the number of books returned? (surprising answer).
· The 5 Pillars of Wisdom thanks to which your site will stand out from the crowd. These are the basic recipes to make your e-commerce site make money…and they're almost all free!

You'll even find out how to write your own manual for the perfect little e-book writer in the area of ​​"How to...". This is the best selling form of information product.

You will achieve this by using my "Shopping List", an original method that will make writing your book as easy as pie.

The answer to all your e-book business questions...


  • 418 pages
  • Detailed, color screenshots
  • A manual that takes you by the hand, step by step
  • The software I use myself (free)
  • How to start your business
  • How to write irresistible ads
  • All the tips and suggestions that I have acquired through years of experience
  • The study of businesses that have been particularly successful
  • At your disposal: ready-made examples of my sales emails

I present to you in PDF format a PRACTICAL manual of great value. It gives you the tricks of the trade and gives you access to my personal resources, to allow you to develop your own electronic books. Nothing to do with these general works that deal with online commerce with hackneyed advice and fabulous references, in short, the banal pubs that we have all already seen.

On the contrary, I give you the unique methods that I have experienced personally, thanks to which I earn my living very comfortably on the net. Here is what one of my readers said:

"Thank you Ken for your excellent book! It contains so much information not found elsewhere that I wonder why you don't sell it at least three times as much. That's why I particularly like this book. We can get up early to find the same kind of information elsewhere. Your own success is the best recommendation for your methods. They are effective and it works!"

Klaus Dahl, web trader

And since my book is provided in PDF format, it's instantly available on your screen. You can start reading it right away, and start your own self-study e-book business right away...

I told you that you will be able to generate income in self-study, but I have not yet revealed the most surprising information. Here it is... with my system, you won't need any technical knowledge to successfully run an e-commerce site.

I'm not a techie myself - I spend most of my time finding easier ways to build my business in the most automated way. The only technical knowledge needed is what you have already acquired, since you managed to find this page on your own! Nothing else.

The key to success is selling

In LES SECRETS DES EBOOKS you will find all the details of the free programs that I use, but the essential concerns the marketing methods accessible to everyone to sell anything online. Some will be revelations for you:

  • How a small email gets me dizzying results - and see you soon too. That's right - you don't even need to have your own site to find buyers willing to give you their money every day.
  • Sales concluded barely 1/4 hour after sending your sales message. In addition: all the means available to ensure that each of your messages translates into sales.
  • How to multiply the fruits of your contacts with other online sellers, so that they themselves appreciate your products and ask for more!
  • Proof that you have the most powerful marketing weapon in the world under your nose. You've already acquired it, and 99% of sites don't use it.
  • 3 zero-technical instruments that it is essential to have on your site... and that all the sites that have gone bankrupt have forgotten. (It was to be expected !)
  • Do you have to place advertising banners on your site? Is it profitable to pass your own banner on other sites? Before incurring big expenses, learn the secrets first.

Benefits tested in advance!

Let's be honest. There are so many experts who rage on the internet without having proven to have sold anything. Yet these are the same little technical geniuses who claim that they have the means to help you succeed in selling from your site. They can't do anything for you. I know this, having seen them begging for basic advice on various forums.

Don't get caught up in it. You need to hear how those who have already GOT RESULTS have succeeded. People like me (how did you guess?!). When I was doing mail order, I tested many of the methods that I am now successfully implementing on the Internet. They work wonders, and you'll soon know how to apply them yourself! Here is how my manual will help you:

* make your site more productive

* boost your sales

* automate your work

There you go... SECRETS OF EBOOKS will reveal the secrets of huge incomes from the internet alone, like me for the last 5 years. And for the 3 years before that I was doing mail order. I succeeded where most people failed.

I'm willing to share my formula for success with you because there's room for everyone. If I manage to easily earn my living on the net (without being smarter than another) - you will succeed too, it's true! All you have to do is follow the few original guidelines that I reveal to you here. It's really easy.

Everyone will tell you - quality pays...

Anyone can sell anything once, as long as they get a lot of hype and offer an attractive price. The test of truth is when it comes to continuing to sell the product. Most sellers break their teeth there. On the other hand, if a product exudes quality with a good price/quality ratio, then the return and refund rate will be very low.

On the sale of the thousands of books that represent ALL my manuals - during all my years of sales on the net or by mail - I recorded only 11 returns. And never because of the quality of the textbooks.

That should give you confidence, right?

Here is my guarantee...

Do you feel as much enthusiasm as I do? But wait - you tell yourself that you're a reasonable person, and that others have been "cheated" on the net. Maybe you think you are going to receive a bogus product rather than quality information. Maybe it's the first time you pay on the net by credit card, and it makes you nervous. (Unwarranted fear - to convince yourself of this, read the next section).

Let it be clear between us...

If you are not completely satisfied, you will be immediately refunded in full.

I offer this guarantee with complete peace of mind because I know it is the best deal of my career. I have no other activity to earn a living than to create and sell books online. My products therefore had better be superb. You know, I like to sleep at night too.

I will therefore do everything so that you get your money's worth in terms of excellence and price. Listen to what Steve has to say:

"Ken, your new e-book is the best! If you want to do business online...AND you still haven't invested the small amount Ken demanded to get his new e-book... 'you are still missing a lot of essential information." Steve Sztopek.

Your credit card information is secure...

You're worried about possible leaks of your valuable credit card information. Nothing to fear... I process thousands of card orders without any worries. It must be said that my e-book orders are handled, without fail and with the utmost integrity, by one of the largest online credit card establishments:

Alright - let's get started!

Order on my secure server. For barely 20 euros, my manual in PDF format will be on your computer in a few minutes! You will be in possession of the SECRETS OF THE EBOOKS... 418 pages (worth 97 euros according to some sales experts!), and, in addition, a full money back guarantee!

After ordering , you will be taken to a secure page that will explain how to download your file in PDF, Mobi for Kindle and ePub for iBooks and Kobo formats.

I look forward to hearing about your success on the web!

Receive my warm greetings.

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