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Prepare your novel - paper

Prepare your novel - paper

de KM Weiland

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Write the path to your success

Can intensively preparing your novel help you write a better story?

Authors often view sketches and preparation with fear and tremor. But when this phase is well understood and correctly executed, it becomes a formidable arrow in your author's quiver.

Prepare your novel: write the path to your success will:
- help you choose the right type of preparation for you,
- guide you in the creative phase of creating the plot,
- help you discover your characters inside and out,
- show you how to structure your scenes,
- explain to you how to format your final draft,
- educate you on how you can use the preparation phase,
- reveal all the benefits of this phase of novel creation,
- put an end to misconceptions

This book also contains interviews with 10 experienced authors who will offer you their own knowledge and answer important questions about preparation.

With this method of preparation:
- you will decide for yourself if it is a good choice for you and you will open your eyes to the misconceptions that paralyze the authors,
- you will know what you need to do before even attacking the preparation,
- you will define and sharpen your premise to get a better view of your novel,
- you will progress from A to Z without forgetting a single important step in your preparation,
- you will put your finger on the major scenes, the mandatory scenes and the conflicts that will carry your story,
- you will establish the overall context of your story to refine your characters,
- you will conduct interviews with your characters to let them discover themselves to you,
- you will master your environment, your places and their symbolism,
- finally you will be able to establish a detailed plan which will guide you and will be like a beacon in the storm of writing.

Preparing your novels can organize and facilitate the writing of your novels, to help you take them to the next level faster and with more pleasure.

Find out how by reading this book!

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