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Launch Your Ebook on the Kindle Store: Strategies to Launch Your Ebooks and Grow Your Sales

Launch Your Ebook on the Kindle Store: Strategies to Launch Your Ebooks and Grow Your Sales


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Does it hurt you when you think about marketing your ebook?

Do you want to make sure that you are doing what you need to do to succeed in your first e-book sales on the Kindle store, on Kobo/Fnac or on iBooks?

With this ebook, you have the guaranteed recipe for not crashing and giving your books the chances they deserve. From title selection to categories, from keywords to cover, from pre-order to reviews, you'll learn the recipes that help the best to propel their ebooks into the top of Kindle sales.

With two days of focused work, or 30 minutes daily for a month, you can get most of your eBook marketing done where it really matters, in KDP and iTunesConnect.


You take your book, you check or have checked again its quality, its writing and its French (spelling, grammar). You refine it. Because you know that a good ebook must be well written.

Then you convert it into the formats needed for tablets and e-readers: ePub for iBooks and mobi for Amazon Kindle.

You make a cover, fill out all the forms and submit your work to these platforms.

And it all ends there...

No sales. Nothing, nada. Or not much, not enough to make up for the time spent dedicating yourself more to this activity and turning it into something you can do your job with.

Don't worry, you're not the only one this has happened to. And it's never too late to do well, or to succeed.

This ebook explains:

  • how to manage your price
  • the different ways to make a good cover
  • what you need to do to get feedback
  • the mistake that can get you kicked out of KDP
  • what your readers expect from your excerpt

- how you can invite yourself to your colleagues and nevertheless competitors
So in order not to find your book ranked 53,254 on Amazon's ranking… read this ebook now.

Some comments…

"This ebook MUST be part of your toolbox!!!" (Josephine)

"The passage on the importance of keywords alone is worth a look." (Marie Bo)

"Read without hesitation!" (DRS)

What you will receive

The DRM-free (digital lock) ePub version for e-reader and iPad

The Mobi version without DRM (digital lock) for Kindle

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