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Help Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis - paper

Help Yourself Through Self-Hypnosis - paper

de Christian H. Godfrey

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The secret of words that release the forces of your subconscious - and open the doors to money and happiness.

It is largely your subconscious that controls all your muscles. It is he who makes you brave or fearful... He is also the one who gives you ideas... records your memories... gives you top form or makes you sick... makes you sad or happy mood. It is your subconscious that blocks your way to happiness or opens the doors to success.

For nearly a century, hundreds of doctors and researchers have studied this problem. They have found an effective, natural and easy way...

You don't need a lot of time. In ten minutes, you will know how to relax deeply, recharge your body with vigor and vitality. You can turn your sorrows into joy, your problems into solutions, your obstacles into stepping stones to success! You have no doubt noticed it: the direct effort of the will is useless. You need a method that acts on the subconscious without going through the conscious.

You don't have to believe it. It works whether you believe it or not. You will become someone to be reckoned with - someone important - someone people listen to when they talk. You will quickly appreciate the admiring and respectful gaze that is granted to those who hold a superior force of thought. Your self-confidence will no longer be undermined by doubts, fear and negative past experiences.

You don't need willpower. Better still, you will more easily get rid of negative feelings such as fear, guilt, lack of love and affection, bad habits, repressed desires, worries and everything that has so far led you away from the success and happiness. You will attract health and wealth, as the magnet attracts metal!

This method is called self-hypnosis. It is used by great athletes, such as ski champions, Formula 1 pilots, golfers or tennis champions, as well as by scientists, artists, and by many businessmen...

Find in this book the complete method, the methods of relaxation, hypnotic state as well as all the suggestions and techniques to improve the most common problems that your subconscious makes you bear...

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