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Copywriting Seminar

Copywriting Seminar


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On September 3, 1968, Mr. Richard Archer received a letter.

It's a 7-page letter, in a plain envelope. His name is typewritten on the envelope.

Richard Archer is one of 13,600 people who receive exactly the same letter.

Writing, reproducing and sending this letter represented an investment of 9,567 euros. This will generate a fabulous turnover. For something quite amazing:

It involves inviting business leaders and senior executives to a 26-day trans-polar expedition — the price of which per person, hold on tight, is 20,000 euros!

But there is

  • nor purchase order,
  • nor pamphlet,
  • neither reply envelope;

and to be able to register, you must answer on your letterhead by attaching a check for 5,000 euros.


The hopes of those who sent this mailing, written by Leo Burnett, are to have 50 subscribers.

There will be more than... 700 responses!

That is to say, for an investment of less than 9,567 euros, there will be an incredible turnover of...

... 1,097,632.92 euros!

Such is the miracle of a letter — for there is nothing but a letter in this mailing —.

And do you know where the author of this letter drew his inspiration from? - From a 4-line ad placed in London in 1902, which had generated... nearly 2,000 responses.

Would you like to know the secrets of this letter? And this ad? - They will be revealed to you during your participation in the Copywriting Seminar. And that's not all.

You will have :

  • A 50-page training manual that will allow you, in 5 minutes, to check the quality of a letter or an email, to have ideas, to avoid errors, etc.
  • The equivalent of an intensive day of concrete work (practical and ideas above all).
  • An experienced speaker: Christian Godefroy, author of “How to Write a Letter that Sells”, speaker at Direct Marketing Week, and internationally renowned copywriter.

All this on the occasion of:

COPYWRITING SEMINAR to which you are personally invited

In the program :

- The 3 best strategies to open your message by positively preparing your reader.

- 17 "tricks" to arouse curiosity.

- A tip to keep your reader constantly in suspense, from the hook to the order form (how to avoid
that your letter is not classified or in the basket).

- The "elevator" letter which increases yields by 30%.

- 31 success hooks for your purchase orders.

- 6 golden laws to win the order.

- The best-selling words, the catchphrase, email subject, adwords text, gifts, new techniques, etc.

For example:

  • How can a 4-line ad in a newspaper generate thousands of responses?
  • Where do you need to find the inspiration you need to write a good sales letter?
  • The "Mcleen's triangle" technique to build an excellent mailing!
  • The 3 essential material elements of a mailing that sells
  • The secrets of an envelope or an email that makes you want to read what it contains
  • The trick that American mail order companies use to make their envelopes look like important mail
  • A way to give a positive a priori about your company even before opening the envelope or email
  • The mindset of those with outstanding returns when writing a letter
  • The 3 things that will make your prospects want to know more
  • A great idea to add urgency to your message.
  • How do you get everyone interested in your topic to be compelled to open your envelope?
  • The “funnel” principle which will significantly increase your yields.
  • The powerful motivation that will make the envelope open every time
  • A simple trick that can increase the yield of your letters by 15%!
  • How do you profit from millions of dollars of “research and development” from other copywriters for free?
  • The very strong words you should use on your envelopes or in your emails
  • The secrets of a sender address that sells!
  • How your address can generate 15% more return… or less
  • If you only put one word on your envelope, this must be the one
  • The 7 Most Common Words in Great American Ads
  • An envelope that has almost TRIPLE the returns of a mailing.
  • The first thing to pay attention to when sending a mailing
  • The little “extra” that gives exceptional results… to put in all your mailings
  • An extraordinary tip for those who do B to B!
  • The amazing modification that can explode your yield!
  • A simple "trick" that will help you sell where you normally wouldn't
  • The most effective tone for B2B sales letters
  • A great tip for subscriptions
  • The most profitable words for your hook
  • A hook to… 200,000 books sold
  • The catchphrase that will make your readers eager to learn more!
  • Christian Godefroy's first hook… for 25 times the initial bet!
  • A catchy start in 4 words that always works very well!
  • The common mistake that very often produces the opposite of the expected result!
  • The essential “tool box” to arouse curiosity in your catchphrases!
  • The secret to making good hooks every time!
  • A great way to stimulate your prospect's gray cells!
  • Where to find the best inspiration for your catchphrases?
  • The type of hook that works very well in B to B!
  • An absolutely extraordinary catchphrase for your reminder letters!
  • What you need to do as often as possible to become an excellent copywriter!
  • A very good way to sell financial investments!
  • The catchphrase that immediately establishes a bond between you and your prospect!
  • The hooks in the form of stories that give the best results!
  • The simple hook that allowed HP to sell tens of thousands of calculators!
  • A way to give the impression to your reader that you are only addressing him!
  • The title that sold more than 1 million books!
  • An example of a political hook with impressive results!
  • The little phrases "that hurt" and that you must use!
  • An excellent B to B hook for consulting companies!
  • An old hook that still works very very well!
  • When and how to use negative hooks?
  • Which typographic characters to choose for your catchphrases?
  • How to give a handwritten look to your catchphrases?
  • The most readable typeface for your sales letters!
  • When and how to use the Johnson Box to catch the eye?
  • The essential consistency to strengthen the power of your grip!
  • How can you be inspired by a successful hook while remaining in good standing with the law?
  • A difference that can TRIPLE your returns!
  • “A wonderful illustration of the power of supply! »
  • The way to develop a good offer.
  • The “extra thing” that will make your offer extremely attractive!
  • The excellent way to defuse your prospect's mistrust!
  • What does “work your price” mean? It is fundamental!
  • The best ways to make your price attractive!
  • Beware of price reductions that never work!
  • Payment terms that help you sell!
  • A process much more powerful than the lottery or the contest!
  • The 2 prizes you should always highlight during a sweepstakes!
  • The best mail order guarantees!
  • Are free trials still profitable?
  • An extremely reassuring guarantee for your prospects that will sweep away their doubts!
  • The “terror of accountants” guarantee…and how to use it!
  • A trick to increase returns thanks to guarantees!
  • 2 things to put imperatively on your guarantee!
  • What all, I mean all your letters must include!
  • Where and how to find the most attractive gifts?
  • The exclusive 3-point formula for writing a sales letter that sells!
  • The essential analysis/product grid for your sales letter!
  • How to find the benefits of your product?
  • The question you absolutely must ask yourself before writing your sales letter!
  • The Heart of the Sales Letter Problem!
  • The question that will make your writing very motivating… and which will sell better!
  • The best way to get as many people as possible to start reading your letter!
  • What your 1st paragraph must imperatively be!
  • Where are you going to find the most impactful selling points?
  • The fundamental laws of the 1st paragraph to know by heart!
  • The checklist to absolutely follow when writing a sales letter!
  • Where can I find examples of exciting introductions?
  • The small change that will immediately boost your credibility!
  • The most credible evidence on a sales text!
  • The winning vocabulary for a sales letter!
  • The deadliest sales letter mistake…and how to avoid it!
  • The "trick" that no one has thought of that can allow you to leave your competitors on the sidelines!
  • Testimonials you should never use!
  • Where to find the most credible and best-selling testimonials?
  • How to increase the prospect's attention as they read?
  • 2 simple “tricks” that will make reading irresistible!
  • The techniques that transform your letter into a real conversation!
  • The maximum number of words for each sentence in your letter!
  • The best time to write a collection letter.
  • Which will make your prospect reach the end of your letter effortlessly!
  • What to do with the hooks that you have not selected as an introduction to your letter?
  • How the majority of people read a sales letter…the answer will blow your mind!
  • An amazing way to turn negative into super-catchy text!
  • A technique to immediately catch the reader's to dose it skilfully?
  • The "treasure" of the attention revival… to use absolutely!
  • One of the secrets of great success in copywriting!
  • A formidable way to convey unexciting facts without losing the reader's attention!
  • The dangerous words that will cut you off from the majority of prospects!
  • The best techniques to lower your price.
  • How to make your reader mad with impatience to read the next page?
  • The "primal" fear of the seller... that you must overcome!
  • What you need to demonstrate to your prospect that will dramatically decrease the relative price of your product
  • The most effective words to suggest that it's really not expensive
  • The cases where you may have an interest in making “white” operations (no gain, no loss)!
  • The best way to split your price to make it totally painless!
  • The Incredible Power of Negative Selling
  • The secrets of the “elevator letter”
  • Secrets of “closing” on a sales letter
  • Examples of Extremely Selling Conclusions
  • The psychologist's "trick" to close a sale very easily!
  • How do you turn your conclusion into a hypnotically powerful salesperson?
  • Items that must be included on the order form!
  • These 5 cm² on your order form increase your yield by 20%!
  • The winning checklist for your order form!
  • What will push your prospect to action by reading your order form!
  • What are the most effective certificates to add to your messages?
  • The 7 essential elements of your order form!
  • A very practical "trick" for beginners in copywriting.
  • This increases ad performance by 15, 20 and even 30%!
  • The detail you should always add when you put your phone number on an ad!
  • The extraordinary story of the man who wrote sales letters with almost 100% performance… from prison!
  • How to get results where everyone else has failed miserably!
  • A mailing that got 100% return
  • How to legally protect your sales documents?
  • The very original (and very cheap) gift you can give to your customers!
  • Why do people buy?...and what you need to remember!
  • tip” interesting for your small reminders.
  • Why and how to use copywriting in politics?
  • How an American company doubled its returns thanks to an excellent introduction!
  • Classic price thresholds that are difficult to exceed!
  • What all successful copywriters do!

Listen to the introduction to the seminar by Christian Godefroy:

A colossal market with very little competition where you can make huge amounts of money

You may have the best product on the market. But if your letter, email, ad, or sales collateral violates copywriting laws, you lose 80% of your revenue.

What is the investment of 6 hours of MP3 listening compared to what you will get out of it? Because these 6 hours are practical, concrete, full of new ideas that apply to your product.

Here are the testimonials of the participants:

Paid Tips

"I was excited about the day. There was a wide variety of attendees. The host didn't shy away from giving his most profitable tips, which others are usually hesitant to do. There were plenty of subtle but essential 'tricks' which I did not know and which cannot be found in any book."

Marc Andre Poissant
bestselling author
Literary agency director

The difference between the good and the best

"In addition to the richness of this seminar, I appreciated the teaching method used. Clear and progressive, it allows you to acquire in a few hours not only the basics of copywriting, but above all the "+++" of professionals who make the difference between the good and the best. I have never met a "pro" with such in-depth skills and knowledge of copywriting as Christian Godefroy."

John Sunska
Professor of Sales at EDC

Many new points

"Very concrete and practical. Immediately applicable. Original participation system that facilitates participation, concentration and memorization of essential rules. Despite years of experience in copywriting, and tens of millions of francs in turnover made thanks to to my sales letters, I discovered many points that were new to me."

Reiner Selz
Author and CEO

A practical, logical, irreplaceable asset

"Before, I was always dissatisfied and the methods learned prevent me from "flooring" for hours on a white sheet.

1. I gained self-confidence.
2. I learned many tricks to increase the returns of my mailings.
3. It gave me a tremendous desire to apply all of this. I just wrote an ad and corrected all my form letters.
4. The Copywriter Certificate encouraged me to go further, giving me psychological support.
5. The "Bible" given to me is a practical, logical, and irreplaceable asset."

Guy Mercier
Company manager

And how much does this day cost in audio version?

297 euros only , all inclusive:

MP3, Manual and documents.

The slightest improvement in your yields will largely repay this sum.

And as you are among the first to be warned, you can benefit from a subscription price:

only 297 euro

How can you be sure that you won't waste your time?

It's very simple: read the testimonials of the first participants. They were all so enthusiastic that we offer you an exceptional guarantee: "never seen" in terms of MP3 seminars.

Either you are perfectly enchanted, or you are reimbursed. Fully. Without discussion. So you take no risk.

How to be one of the first to register?

Do not wait. This saves you 100 euros.

The seats are limited ! In order to be among the "winners" - those who are the most informed - buy the copywriting seminar today.


Christian H. Godfrey

An essential complement to "How to write a letter that sells"

“What interested me the most was the manual handed out and completed as the day progressed. It is active participation instead of submission. An essential complement to "How to write a letter that sells". »

J.-H. Gauthier, office worker


“Your seminar is the IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE complement to your “How to Write a Selling Letter” Method

Olivier Lesire, writer


No more blank page anxiety

“The seminar gave me a framework, an essential creative scheme. I no longer fear the anguish of the blank page. »

J.-P. Brun, Media planner manager


100% return

“This day opened my eyes. You transmitted your passion to me. My desire now is to do 100% performance. »

J.-Y. Hanser


“I will completely redesign my documents, advertisements and letters. »

FDC, Animator


“I liked the tone, the method, the pedagogical sense...a remarkable initiation! »

Claude Tchou, Editor

He sells his television to come

“I sold my television to attend this seminar... and I don't regret it! I liked the practical advice — the reports of experiences that save time and money. »

J.-P. Malengreaux


You can very well send a mailing to 50, 100 people... or even one person. When you're looking for a job, when you're writing a love letter, isn't it?

To develop your business, do you use all the resources of Direct Marketing and the Internet? To prepare the appointments of your sellers? To motivate your staff?

He wants to use it to boost his business

“The seminar reinforced my idea of ​​using this technique to develop my business. I will now apply these principles to the writing of internal documents, to reinforce motivation. »

  1. V., business manager .

But how to use everything? Books are full of ideas, but how many do you implement? - Very little. With this Copywriting Seminar, you will immediately apply your new knowledge.

All the research done in mail order and direct marketing

“It's really a considerable synthesis of all the research done in mail order and direct marketing. Immediately applicable methods. This is especially what I learned about envelopes that I will apply right away. »

  1. Saré, Director of a mail order company

If even the professionals take advantage of it, what about you? You will leave with your head full of new ideas, with the desire to create. An example ? The great publisher Jean de Bonnot came. He says:

Again the desire to get back to creating

“I have 35 years of experience, but I learned many things. I took a lot of notes. It makes me want to get back to creating again. »

  1. by Bonnot, Publisher

Are there other ways to get so much in so little time? There are fairs, symposiums, courses, books... Listen to what a professional has to say:


Everything interested me

“It's much more interesting than the DMM thing! I have 3 years of work to review all my messages one by one. Everything interested me. I'm ashamed of not having written the Letter from the President. I'm ashamed that I still have long paragraphs, etc. »

Marc Alloueteau, Director

“Although I have many books on the subject, this seminar filled me with enthusiasm, with its logic, its clarity, and the competence and sympathy of the facilitator. »

AM Saint Quentin, copywriter


“There are lots of subtle but essential things that I didn't know and that you can't find in any book. And God knows I've read it..."

Marc-André Poissant, author

“An excellent seminar on the basics of copywriting - especially good for us professionals who think we already know everything - plus new ideas!"

John Tainsh, copywriter, St Mandé

“I discovered new hooks, many new ideas, I learned more in a day than in several months"

François B., copywriter

“I can say that this seminar brought me more than I expected..."

Guy C., copywriter and entrepreneur

“I have been writing mailings myself for 8 years: this internship has nevertheless opened up
important new perspectives"

Bruno Hiriart, Law degree,
wealth management advice

Can you allow your competitors to get ahead of you, the economic climate to play on your efforts, time to pass without exceptional results?

Sell ​​with the least effort

“The set was perfect. A very good organization and a fascinating subject. I learned the art of selling at the slightest effort and the active words that trigger an interest reflex. »

HAG, Repairer of old objects


“This seminar strongly motivated me. I have contacted a store manager with whom I will be working. He entrusted me with the production of 2 of his mailings! »

Laura Mariani

Your FREE gifts:


"The book that every businessman who wants to succeed must have read" - A revolution for those who want to make a turnover, even when the economic situation is bad.

John E. Kennedy is arguably the best known of American copywriters. It was he who discovered the techniques of advertising that sells. He reveals to you in "The Real Secret of Advertising That Sells":

  • Why "Advertising Claims" Don't Work These Days - If You Forget This Vital Element - PAGE 10
  • What advertising, mechanics and medicine have in common - PAGE 4
  • The Secret of "Real Advertising" - PAGE 37
  • How to find your market -- and how to reach your customers - PAGE 9
  • The most common advertising mistake - and how to avoid it - PAGE 10
  • The question that ALL customers have in mind - and how to answer it - PAGE 11
  • How to multiply your money 1,000 times - PAGE 12
  • Why so many good salespeople find it difficult to sell with simple texts - PAGE 14
  • THE quality that makes all the difference between spectacular yields - and average yields - PAGE 15
  • The special rope that only needs to be vibrated to achieve 100% efficiency - PAGE 16
  • How to Avoid Losing Money Advertising - PAGE 12
  • The power of "intuitive knowing" and how to use it to your advantage - PAGE 17
  • An amazing practical exercise: how to sell straw to a farmer... in writing! - PAGE 20
  • The most effective way to grab a reader's attention - PAGE 22
  • The biggest temptation facing the copywriter - and how to resist it - PAGE 23
  • How to get a return on investment of 50 to 500% on a press ad or in Google Adwords - PAGE 24
  • Do you happen to think "like everyone else" DANGER! How to Avoid Bad Paths - PAGE 26
  • The "mysterious something" that makes bestsellers - PAGE 34
  • 60% of advertisers fail - how to be part of the 40% who succeed - PAGE 37
  • Is curiosity a good reason to buy? NOPE! It's a very powerful feeling, but if it's missing (see what PAGE 45) you won't get any sales.
  • The "something" that makes millionaires in a few years - while the others just survive or close up shop - PAGE 52

"The True Secret of Advertising that Sells" is an exclusive from Club Positif. You won't find it anywhere else in French. It's yours and will stay that way - even if you get your money back.


The Great Classic of American copywriting finally available in French! It contains all the techniques that today more than ever make all the difference between an ordinary sales text and a text that breaks all records.

Lasker, the boss of the advertising agency Lors & Thomas was in a meeting in a large hotel when a bellboy brought him an urgent message. He unfolded the paper which contained these words:

"I'm in the reception lounge. I can tell you what real publicity is. I know you don't know it. It's important for me to reveal it to you - and it's vital for you. If you want to know what real publicity is, have the floor boy say "yes" to me.


John E.Kennedy"

Thus began the most spectacular career in the history of copywriting. John E. Kennedy was one of the highest paid copywriters in the world. He reveals the secrets of his techniques in "Intensive Advertising". Why "intensive"? Because without intensification, advertising is flat. It lacks the POWER that pushes to action:

  • How To Advertise The Cheapest Service To Help You Succeed - PAGE 5
  • The secret to getting 4,800% more results from an ad - PAGE 7
  • How to compensate with words for the absence of the salesperson's personal magnetism - PAGE 8
  • What attracts readers today - PAGE 9
  • How to get the reader to READ your text instead of just SEE it - PAGE 8
  • The first fundamental - and why so few copywriters think of using it - PAGE 9
  • How to compose your text so that it is read with ease - PAGE 9
  • How to Keep the Reader Interested From Start to Finish, Even if He's a Busy Businessman - PAGE 10
  • The mistake 90% of copywriters make when they give interesting information - PAGE 11
  • How to write a text so attractive that you start reading it without noticing - PAGE 12
  • Should advertising text be short? -answer PAGE 13
  • What Most Ads and Web Pages Miss - PAGE 14
  • The ideal length of advertising copy - the answer will surprise you - PAGE 17
  • How to beef up your ad copy to give it irresistible selling power - PAGE 18
  • The first vital step you must take before writing a single word - PAGE 21
  • How much time do you need to spend writing ad copy to make it perform well - PAGE 22
  • What to carefully REMOVE from your copy to make it sell twice as much - PAGE24
  • How to make your prospect an "ally" instead of an "adversary" - PAGE 26
  • What order should you follow to increase your selling power - PAGE 27
  • Where the vast majority of ad copy fails - PAGE 28
  • The trick to easily start writing your ad - PAGE 29
  • What Makes Your Prospect Buy Now - Not Tomorrow - PAGE 30
  • How to recognize a good advertisement - PAGE 31
  • Where to find all the reasons to buy that exist - and develop your power of conviction - PAGE 33

This book is exclusive to Club-Positif. Its French translation is unique and you will not find it anywhere else. It will be given to you free of charge and definitively if you order quickly.

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