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Mental Dynamics Seminar

Mental Dynamics Seminar


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Would you like to have this power:

  • the power to transform your life
  • the power to transform your personality
  • the power to turn your desires into reality
  • the power to break your bad habits
  • the power to unleash the “giant within you”
  • the power to change the beliefs that limit you
  • the power to be happy
  • the power to improve your health
  • the power to instantly transform your bad mood into cheerfulness
  • the power to live in harmony with those you love

Mental Dynamics teaches you

  • How to master this power
  • How to trigger it at will for the rest of your life

It is a method of well-being and personality fulfillment that most of the media has presented when it was launched. The press, the radio and even the television spoke about it in a very flattering way.

This method is inspired by advanced sophrology and autogenic training, it allows those who wish to do so to make the most of themselves and to use the secret powers of their brain.

Initially this method was taught in a seminar. Thousands of people came and paid nearly 400 euros to follow him. Their lives have been profoundly – ​​and positively transformed.

I must be 100% satisfied. If by extraordinary I did not obtain these results, you would reimburse me in full for my investment, by the same means of payment or by bank transfer.

By answering today, I am entitled, in addition to the 6 audio CDs for download, to a GIFT worth 20 euros.

But not just any gift! An audio program of more than 30 minutes entitled " The Psychocybernetics of Dr. Maltz " which will help you improve your Self-Image.

This program is inspired by Maxwell Maltz's famous book "Psychocybernetics", now out of print in its French version. This 30 million-copy book has been used by athletes, business leaders, students, and many others to achieve their goals - from losing weight to dramatically increasing their earnings - thus proving that success is not only possible but also remarkably simple: " If you can remember, worry, or tie your shoe, you can be successful with Psychocybernetics!" »

I will receive my Mental Dynamics Seminar (equivalent to 6 audio CDs) - a full day seminar - immediately via download.

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