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Structure your novel - paper

Structure your novel - paper

de KM Weiland

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The essential keys to writing a remarkable story

Is structure the hidden foundation of all success stories?

Why do some stories work and others don't? The answer is structure. In this award-winning guide from the author of the acclaimed Prepare Your Novel, you'll learn the universal foundations that ensure powerful plot and character arcs. A good understanding of story structure and scenes will show you how to perfectly time the major events of your story and provide you with an infallible standard for judging the pacing and progression of your novel.

Structure of your story, structure of your scenes, structure of your sentences: you will discover how to improve your books and your writing from the most general level to the most atomic level.

Structure your novel will show you:

  • How to determine the best techniques to empower your unique and personal vision of your story.
  • How to identify common structural weaknesses and turn them into amazing strengths.
  • How to eliminate blurry backgrounds by discovering your “centerpiece”.
  • Why you should NEVER include conflict in every scene.
  • How to uncover the questions you don't want readers asking about your plot, and then how to get them to ask the right questions.

The structure of the story has allowed countless authors of bestsellers and classics to express themselves. Now it's your turn!

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