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Transform your life - paper

Transform your life - paper

de Julie Pacific Warrior

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19 ways to improve my relationships, free myself from my negative thoughts and realize my dreams!

You can get rid of those beliefs that block you and prevent you from changing your life. You can silence the little voices that tell you that changing your life is dangerous. You can see your life change and chart your path to serenity.

Because this capacity to change your life, you have it in you.

But in us, there are two wolves: a fearful and following wolf and a courageous and enthusiastic wolf. If in your mind you give food to the fearful wolf, it is he who will dominate and who will imprint his character on your mind, it is he who will guide your life.

It is this inner change that Julie Guerrière Pacifique offers you with her “Transforming your life” method. By bringing about this inner change, by being stronger and more courageous than fears and beliefs, you can become more positive, optimistic, at peace with yourself. In short, happier.

Your actions influence your thoughts, your thoughts then influence your actions, and so on in the cycle. Do you want this cycle to be a virtuous cycle that allows you to realize your life, or a vicious cycle that drags you down the drain (or even leaves you in an average life)?

With this method you will learn to regain control over your fears and your emotions so that you no longer always let them take the reins of your life and your actions, and to take a positive step back from what is happening to you.

Concretely, during the different lessons, you will learn:

  • How to turn what happens to you into positive resources (Lesson 5)
  • How to stop taking what people tell you personally (Lesson 8)
  • How to transform your limiting beliefs (Lesson 16)
  • How to clarify what you really want (Lesson 23)

Because to change your life and take control, you must not only be able to act according to what you want, but also know where you want to go.

This method allows you to

  • Create a life that is meaningful and worth living.
  • Stay in tune with your core values.
  • Be true to what really matters to you.
  • Choose your life and fulfill your desires.
  • Feel more free, joyful and light.
  • To be much more smiling and relaxed.
  • Feel more at peace and clear with yourself.
  • Consider the future with much more joy, lightness, confidence and serenity.

If you are ready to change your life, to live an existence that makes sense for you and those around you, to transform your life so that it is better every day and as you dreamed of, get this method now.

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